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Jenny Phillips is best known throughout Ontario as an artist who delights in recording on canvas or paper, our vanishing rural landscape of southwestern Ontario.
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Acrylic on Canvas

Pen and Ink



At one point in her artistic career folks called her the “horse artist” but today Jenny does not limit herself to any one subject. She has always loved animals and flowers, so when her grandchildren came along, she broadened her interest more, so that today, she paints historic buildings, animal and equine portraits, children at play and horticulture, basically whatever catches her fancy. For many years she was seen painting and exhibiting at ploughing matches, steam shows and historical events.

Jenny Phillips is a woman of many talents. Her lighthearted cartoons of life on the farm were a feature of ‘Farming Today,’ her column “Her’ story n. – history” © was a popular, regular feature in the local Dutton-Dunwich Horizon until the paper ceased. Jenny has had some severe health problems but she likes to tell folks . . . “nothing lasts forever . . . not the good times or the bad; so savor each moment of every day you are here.” 

Today she still paints everyday but may also be found at her computer writing or transcribing the early writings of John Kenneth Galbraith. Her first book “Does It Pay?” is now available.

Jenny was selected as the feature artist for the 2010 International Plowing Match held near the St. Thomas Airport September 21-25. Her painting, “Honouring Elgin’s Past Provincial Ploughing Matches” appeared on the promotional posters and as a limited edition print.

Jenny no longer travels around as much with her paintings but rather allows the public to view her original artwork, prints and book in the comfort of Jenny’s gallery on the main street of Dutton. Jenny’s shop – the Village Crier Gallery & Frame Shop has currently undergone extensive renovations to the century old building which includes an elaborate copper-coloured tin ceiling, an exposed brick wall and a wide pine plank floor. 

The show room can accommodate groups of up to 30 and Jenny is pleased to host a meeting, with at least a week’s notice, she might even find some refreshments. Jenny has a story to tell about each painting and is happy to answer any questions that may arise whether about her artwork, book or just about art in general. She is always happy to help young folks learn more about art, history and agriculture.

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