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Molnar Family Farm



The day Dave and I went to take photos of the Molnar Family Barn the wind was gusty. We had permission to walk around the barn and sheds to photo various interesting angles. The wind had ripped off some strips of roofing metal while others were loosened and flopping in the wind. One or two long barn boards on the upper level were also loosened, swinging back and forth knocking against the timbers while the metal strips made a squealing metallic sound. To some it might have seemed eerie but to me it wasn’t. I felt the presence of several generations of farmers and their families that built and used this barn. I love all the textures, shadows and forms. Somewhere here there was an old board with 1854 carved on it. The Molnar family bought this barn on Stafford Line, in Southwold Township in the mid 1950’s. Barns like this are being torn down at an alarming rate every day. They are not being repaired. Metal sided structures and Quonset type shelters are replacing them or nothing at all. Farmers in many cases are expanding their acreage to work on a larger scale. As an artist and country girl I am saddened.                                                            

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