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Hepburn's Horses - 1940 IPM


250 s/n Limited Edition Prints

on AF paper with a semi-gloss finish


In 1940 Mitch Hepburn was Premier of Ontario. The war was on but the International Plowing Match was still held. It was important to boost morale, but primarily to show people the most efficient and productive methods of producing food for the home front and overseas.

The Royal Canadian Air Force used the buildings of the newly constructed Ontario Hospital in St. Thomas for a Technical Training Centre. This was the site of the first International Plowing Match in Elgin County.

Premier Hepburn’s horses led the opening parade. Bill Tapsell, Hepburn’s foreman was the driver. Bill’s brother Dell drove for Budweiser. The horses were featured on the 1940 program for the International Plowing Match and all the horses were recent champions at the World Competition in Chicago.

Jenny appreciated all the time and technical advice she received from Bill Tapsell, Ken Smith of the London Free Press, the helpful staff at the Military Museum and Johanns Graphics. Original was bought by Paul Hepburn.

Jenny’s original painting was 3’x6’ on ¼”  oil on gesso ground Masonite.

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