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Original - 20 1/2" x 20 1/2"

Limited Edition Prints - 16" x 16"

Sunflowers & Monarch


Sunflowers and Monarch.jpg

Artist Vincent van Gogh was famous for his missing ear and his colourful paintings of rural life. I would never compare my work to that of van Gogh, but we both had a love of sunflowers and the rural landscape.

I tried for a van Gogh feel to the sunflowers but did the butterfly in great detail for a contrast . . . my style versus van Gogh’s.

I was lucky enough a number of years ago to see the original “Starry Night” at the ROM in Toronto. It was a Toulouse Lautrec and Vincent van Gogh joint exhibit. I went because the show was a once in a life time opportunity. I came home a fan of both artists’ genius.

I stood mesmerized by the twinkling stars. At that time artists had to grind their own pigments and blend their own paints. How did Vincent achieve those vibrant luminous colours? His madness in later years came from exposure to toxins in those homemade paints  . . . something I don’t need to worry about with all the new restrictions and regulations for the production of art supplies. That doesn’t mean I’ll be exempt from madness . . . just that I won’t be able to blame it on the paint.

Hope you appreciate my sunflowers and the butterfly.

I love all things bright and beautiful. What a sight to see a large field of sunflowers  . . .or giant Russians leaning against the side of a weathered barn.

Keep your eye out for more sunflower paintings. - Jenny

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