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The Veteran's Plot


Original and

Limited Edition Prints


veterans plot.jpg

This painting is very personal for me, my husband, our children and grandchildren. My in-laws, David Phillips Sr. and Sarah Ethel (Tony) Phillips are both buried here in the South Park Cemetery on Sunset Ave., St. Thomas in the Veteran’s Plot beneath one of these white crosses. David Sr. served in both the RAF and the RCAF during WWII while Tony was a WAC. David Sr. and Tony were each President of the St. Thomas Legion Branch #41.  The text on the base of the central cross reads “In Memory of Elgin’s Sons Who Gave Their Lives In Honour For Their Country “Lest We Forget’”. I applaud the folks noted below for taking the time to place these flags twice each year to honour our Veterans. I find the vision of all these Canadian flags fluttering in the breeze among the crosses, row on row, with dark skies as a backdrop, to be so moving. I can feel my patriot heart swelling with pride. I had to create this painting. - Jenny

“South Park Cemetery — located at the corner of Southdale Line and Sunset Road — was added to the holdings of St. Thomas Cemetery Company in 1910. The land was purchased from E.D. Welding whose farm was 71 acres. Testing was done and it was decided that not all the land was suitable for burial purposes; 50 acres were sold and are now owned by Canadale Nurseries. This site, so very different from the setting at West Ave., has not been promoted as people did not see and hear the beauty in the land. South Park has, not the rolling hills, but the flat, level, beautiful land of the Prairies. You can see the distant sunrise and the sunset from every angle of this cemetery. The War Veterans Association obviously saw the beauty in this land. They approached the cemetery company concerning the burials of returned soldiers. The Memorial Plot was established and the cross was unveiled in that section by Brigadier General King in 1922. The Memorial Plot is maintained, within the confines of the cemetery bylaws, by the Legion Branch #41. South Park Cemetery is now the home of a Columbarium – the cremation mausoleum. It is surrounded with lovely shrubs and a walking path, and is a most distinctive monument for eternal memories.

St. Thomas Remembers

St. Thomas Cemetery in conjunction with Wilmer and Elizabeth Alden are pleased to spearhead a project called “St. Thomas Remembers”. On July 1 and Nov 11, they place an 18″ Canadian Flag on the grave of every Veteran buried within the Five Cemeteries in St. Thomas. St. Thomas Cemetery – West Ave; South Park Cemetery; Holy Angels Cemetery; Elmdale Memorial Park Cemetery; Old English Churchyard – Trinity Cemetery”.  South Park and St. Thomas Remembers quoted from this website - 

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