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International Tractor – With Coach

N. Dumfries Plowing Match

This old International tractor was seen at North Dumfries Plowing match held on Trussler’s farm on a road my old school bus took back in the 1960’s. My grandfather, Ed Feick, great Uncle Clayton Shantz, Uncle Earl Feick and my Dad, Don Feick, were all champion plowmen, both at the local township, including North Dumfries, & county levels as well as the International Plowing Match. From the time I was old enough to walk I attended the matches too. Farmers left bushel baskets of apples and pears on hay wagons parked on the head lands for all to enjoy. Many older men had bags of Scotch mints, black balls and linseed lozenges in their suit jacket pockets or their overalls to dole out to well behaved kids. I loved the sounds of the match too . . the squeak of the leather; the gees and the haws cried out by the horsemen;  . . .the smell of the horses mixed with the diesel fumes and exhaust from the tractors  . . .and the scent of the hay or straw on the wagons. It was a great time and especially for someone like me with a passion for horses. Ploughing matches were my highlight of the year. I still go whenever I can. - Jenny

International 8–16.jpg
The International 8–16

 My husband, Dave, and I like to go for drives and no matter where or when we go we always have our camera with us. At one time I enjoyed painting “au plein”, outdoors, but today considering my age and health issues I rely on my camera for reference details. We were travelling in the west end of Elgin County and came across this old timer. It was in a lot of other agricultural equipment ready for auction. “The International 8-16 Junior tractor was built from 1918 – 1922 in the International Harvester Tractor works, Chicago Illinois, USA. It was called the 8-16 the Junior in England. When it was introduced in 1918, the new International 8-16 was built in the style of the International’s trucks of the day, with sloping hood and radiator behind the engine. The original V8 series had a 251 or ohv 4 cylinder 3-main-bearing engine borrowed from the truck and the tractor used a 3-speed transmission, like the smaller trucks.” – on-line source

International Harvester 140 Farmall.jpg
International Harvester 140 Farmall

On July 16 & 17, 2011, we attended Tractor Days at Country Heritage Park. No longer under the direction of the Ministry of Agriculture, this not-for-profit is operated as Country Heritage Park, 8560 Tremaine Rd., Milton, Ontario. The passionate, dedicated board of directors and the volunteers, along with various organizations like the different tractor clubs and the Heavy Horse Assoc. of Ontario have done an excellent job. The admission was only $7 per adult (2011 pricing) with a senior discount that Dave and I took advantage of. The CHP hosts several annual events including a heavy horse day with demonstrations of plowing, mowing, binding, threshing and horse drawn wagon rides. Check out their website for an events calendar at www.countryheritagepark,com

This red tractor was hand lettered with the owner’s name – “Joe Zahorak Jr.” International Harvester manufactured the 140 Farmall during 1958 – 1973. It was a utility tractor with a 4 cylinder gasoline engine. If you know what year this tractor was made, please let me know. – Jenny

The International 666.jpg
The International 666

When I first began showing my art work to the public in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s I exhibited and sold at the Brigden Fair and the Brigden Steam Show. I attended for many years. The Steam Show moved to Forest. Life interrupted. I now own my own Gallery and frame shop on Currie Rd. in Dutton, Ontario, soon celebrating our 30th year there. After a recent major milestone birthday I hauled out paper and pen and wrote out my bucket list. I wanted to go to the Steam Show again as an exhibitor. We did. So glad we went. Met old friends, made new. Sold lots. Photo’d so many antique steam engines and tractors. Even had a lady come to me so we could photo hubby’s tractor, International 666. “Don’t tell him. I want a pen & ink sketch of this for Christmas. He’s so hard to buy for.”

There was an added bonus to the trip. The drive home had many lovely scenes, colours and Dave and I enjoyed the pleasant drive. We were both very tired but it was the good kind. It took us a day or two to recover but we are already planning a return visit.

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